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Min SEO price is $500

Charge your own

Site optimization for Google

Optimisation under Search Engines

(of content for specific (including local) keywords)

Do like they do

Competition analysis

Competitor’s analysis

Search Engines TOP step-by-step examination

We offer:

SEO-soft development

SEO is a science-base industry. And modern industry needs cutting-edge instruments. In early 2014 SEO-Focus took up developing the great program tool to facilitate optimizers’ toil. Our pilot service (we hope, it’s just a part of big SEO-shell) is a tool allowing fast and extremely effective analysis of SERP. Now we try to compile fragmented chunks into one tool we used over the past years. Meet SERPalyzer soon — the piece of a wide SEO-dashboard…

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important but tedious task which still demands hundreds of manual manipulations. Very few companies gather dynamic information about competitors’ websites in response to specified search queries, this information would greatly aid their business. Many workers should check various parameters every day wasting a lot of time. SERPalyzer is a tool which allows a user to quickly collect necessary info and definitely interpret it. Using SERPalyzer a user can improve their visibility to customers and easily watch the actions of competitors!

Website promotion and SEO as it’s part

Website promotion and SEO is an increasing of your website visibility in search engines. The site’s in Google, Bing etc. ranking is the success of your business. SEO-Focus realizes goals aimed at development and website promotion in Internet.

Contextual ads — Pay-per-click (PPC)

Advertising on the pages of search engines and other sites of various subjects. Your proposal only on grounds of any subject is shown to those who are interested — it’s PPC.

Website development and maintenance

Do you already have a business, a stable income, but no website? So some will say that you don’t have a business… Or you have no business, but you’ve got an idea? The answer is one: a qualitive website development.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

This is a rapidly growing trend attracting site visitors and selling goods or service itself. Controlling the public opinion in social networks in Facebook, Twitter etc. is SMM.

Latest projects

The price of Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing

In SEO-Focus the minimal price is $600 a month. Sometimes this is enough to promote a website in local areas (cities or states) ank rank high for low competition keywords. These kind of keywords maybe cheap for promotion, but bring result you need. And this price is acceptable in small towns for advanced average and small business, for whom SEO-giants’ costs are too high.

PROMO «Head start!»

If your company has business in the USA

so your minimal price reduces to $500 a month.

As well when you order a PPC-campaign together with classic SEO it will cost just $200. Please, mark your order with «Promo «Head start!» notice.

What for and who needs a website promotion

If you are still hesitating if you need Internet Marketing for your company’s website or even if it should exist, ask yourself:

«Do I want to increase the quantity of clients, that will give me a tangible profit grow?»

So website is a tool to bring in an income. In 21-st century people look for virtually any goods in Internet, that’s why your site is a shop-window and a banner ad at the same time.

Website promotion advantages in SEO Focus

We can explain if you need
We’ll tell it works. We like to work with advanced client. That is why we, at desire of the client, explain the basic principles of site promotion for more complete mutual understanding of customer and executor.
Compact team
team We instantly react to the algorithm changes of the major search engines as well as wishes of the customers. The absence in the staff of a large number of the service personnel, only specialists in direct contact with search engine optimization and site-building technology.
All our manipulations and promotions results are represented in our every-month reports. Figures, tables and graphics — everything to make you feel that we work 24 hours and your budget does not dissolve in the bowels of a partner-company.


  • Promoting while devoloping. SEO Focus does not only promote, but also develops websites. In such cases, the basic optimization under Search Engines is a must!
  • The Pleasant prices and a variety of payment options correspond to the expectations of our customers.
  • Free internal optimization of landing pages for the selected search phrases when ordering website promotion in USA.